Michelangelo's marble quarries at Carrara and "lardo di Colonnata"

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Michelangelo's marble quarries at Carrara and "lardo di Colonnata"

This is one of the tours that will leave you speechless. a visit inside the carrara marble quarries with 4×4 jeep with authorized guide, to climb up to enter the heart of the mountain. You will learn how marble is extracted and you will have the opportunity to take unique photos and videos.

Before or after the visit to the quarries, we will stop in a typical local “trattoria” to taste the famous lardo di colonnata and other local specialties:

cave di marmo viste da colonnata

The wonder inside the quarries (and also a bit of disquiet …) is hardly describable, so much so that we will not show you any pictures. You have to live it in person. Even the tales and working conditions of the quarrymen will fascinate you …

Imagining Michelangelo and other great artists “seeing” their works take shape from these immense marble cubes is truly fascinating, but getting to know the whole process that leads to the work of art from the mountains allows you to focus on the immense work that this involves.

But the visit to the quarries involves effort, waste of energy, and as you know the DeGusters never fail to grasp everywhere in the enogastronomic aspect of the situation. So once off of the quarries we move to in Colonnata, where between lard, ham, cod, cuddles and various other amenities of course accompanied by a fresh glass of white Vermentino we will celebrate the beauty of this tour!

Preparazione del lardo di colonnata Marinatura del lardo di colonnata

Off-road route along the routes of upheaval in the Colonnata valley.
Stop in a quarry for detailed explanations of the marble excavation systems from the origins to the present day.
Transfer for highly panoramic point and further explanations on quarry regulations.
Return to the starting point with a stop for a taste of the famous “Lardo di Colonnata IGP“.

– departure from Florence at 10 am;
– Arrival at the cave at 12.30 am for lunch typical local trattoria with tasting of local products;
– 2 pm departure for the tour inside the quarries (2 types of tours: 1.25 hours or 2.25 hours);
– about 4 pm end of tour and departure for Florence;
– about 6 pm return to Florence.

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