Holiday-Farms & Producers

De Gustibus is not only a tour operator but also a network of farms producing “authentic” Tuscan wine and food. Many of our farms have restored parts of the farmhouse into a agriturismo with beautiful holiday apartments, combining the traditional Tuscan countryside-style with modern comfort, often provided also with a nice pool for the hot summer days…

Our farms, before becoming members of De Gustibus network, are carefully selected according to strict criteria: they are small family run farms, specifically not dedicated to mass production, applying the techniques of organic or biodynamic agricutlure, realizing products of high organic quality, applying fair prices.

They follow the principles of a substainable development and want to transmit in their work the natural energy of their soil, climate and character.  It is their authentic way of life. Due to such specific characteristics, these producers are often deprived of promotional support and visibility on the market.

They are all farms that we have selected over many years and where we first buy products for our tables. With all these companies we have NO commercial agreements based on commissions on products sold during the tours. But we think they have the best and healthiest products, so we want to share them with you.

If you would like to organize a wine and food holiday in Tuscany spending your time in one or more of this organic farms, do not hesitate to contact us. We can create a tailor made package according to your special request. Contact us!

Francesca at Castellinuzza e Piuca - De Gustibus wine and food tours in tuscany