The best food and wine of Florentine artisans

Dear DeGusters, this is a tour for the most curious and passionate travelers who want to discover in one day the different ways in which the best artisans of the Florentine countryside create their treasures!

Tour description

In addition to local wine and extra virgin olive oil, you will also get to know centuries-old products of our territory: artisan dried pasta and terracotta ceramics. All these products are linked by a common thread that you will learn step by step during the experience…

Here’s a taste of the high quality Artisans you’re going to visit:


Family owned business of pasta makers since 1893, located in the same in the center of Strada in Chianti, passing traditions down from father to son.

Rules and techniques are still respected after 130 years: “very slowly” drying (from 72 to 144 hours depending on the shape); bronze-drawn pasta; temperature of drying strictly below 38°C; selection of only the best 100% organic Italian wheat from their trusted mills.

This processing gives their pasta an exceptional ability to absorb sauce and a unique flavor of wheat. The natural long lasting drying guarantees the integrity of the organoleptic qualities of the product, avoiding the denaturation of gluten thus making the pasta highly digestible.


Fornace (furnace) Carbone represents excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Massimo combines the millenary tradition of Impruneta terracotta with constant innovation and research to expand the boundaries and embrace the timeless traditions of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Impruneta terracotta with its pink color and great resistance to frost is one of a kind and thanks to the great craftsmanship of Massimo Carbone- customized products are available thus offering the possibility of designing and personalizing any product, with a special focus on wine jars.

More about Massimo Carbone: He is one of few left of his generation, who learned the oldest, traditional techniques of the Impruneta school, with a 10-year apprenticeship with the great master Mario Mariani, a terracotta artist, defined for his link to traditional ways coined: “the last Etruscan”.

12.15/30 DOGLIA – OIL MILL

Fattoria Doglia is one of the oldest in Impruneta and for this reason you can find his name in the top of the territory.
It was only in Renaissance times that the olive tree spread fully in the Tuscan countryside and it was precisely in that moment that Impruneta, thanks to its special clay soil and its particular exposure to the elements, was totally devoted to the cultivation of the olives trees.
The hill of Impruneta has always been devoted to the cultivation of olive trees. Its special environment and microclimate are very suitable for the growth of this fruiting tree, protecting the soil humidity and promoting pollination. These hills are still populated today by the same cultivar planted in 14th century, that found their perfect environment.

The olive harvest follows the traditional picking technique: spreading long nets under the trees and harvesting the olives by hand or with simple rakes. In this way we don’t “stress” the plant uselessly as mechanically modern harvesting techniques do. Come and taste this top quality EVOO!


The Ottomani farm was born from a friendship between Andrea, Enrico, Giovanni and Leonardo (hence the name: eight hands!). After graduating in Oenology and a little experience gained from other wineries, the four friends decided in 2006 to give life to their project: to produce wine as they used to do in the past.

They have always agreed on a principle since the creation of their cellar: not to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In fact, Ottomani works only native vines, using techniques of organic and biodynamic cultivation and winemaking which is sustainable for the environment.

The importance that the company places on the agronomic part of the process and on natural oenological techniques, allows the production of wines with unique and pleasing organoleptic qualities, resulting from the union of modern and traditional techniques, like with the use of Massimo Carbone terracotta wine jars.

Visits to these Artisans will not be just a quick stop for a glass of wine or a fettunta, but a real “intercultural experience“.

Period: all year. Min-max persons: from 2 to 8 people.
Meeting and departure point: Piazza Torquato Tasso 13 red (in front of Culinaria Bistro). Frequency: from Monday to Friday at 08:30.

What’s included: round-trip from Florence by car or comfortable Minivan Degusti-Bus + driver / guide + tastings + Tuscan lunch. On request the tour can be done with vintage sidecar!

Prices: 2/3 PAX = 229,00 € per pax – 4/8 pax = 199,00 € per pax. Including visits, tastings (at Doglia and Ottomani), lunch (Doglia) and a gift…


Please note that the law in Italy does not allow the sale of alcohol to young people under 16 as children under this age will be served non-alcoholic beverages. Let us know in advance any special need or for people with reduced mobility and will do our best to accommodate you. Do not forget to advice us about food intolerance or allergies.

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