Spring dinner at the shepherds and picking wild asparagus



Spring dinner at the shepherds and picking wild asparagus

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De Gustibus Network presents

Saturday 28th March 2015

at the farm of Giovannino Nieddu
Via Malafrasca 234, San Casciano in Val di Pesa

Dear guests,

it has become a tradition by now, that DeGustibus welcomes spring at the farm of a shepherd. For various reasons, the arrival of Spring is of primordial importance for shepherds since the origin of our history: in this season vegetation starts growing again on the pastures, a lot of lambs are born and the best pecorino (sheep-cheese) is produced. In fact, in our culture, which also has pastoral origins, it is for this reason that the lambs (together with eggs and rabbits) have become a symbol for Spring, for the regeneration of nature and even for religious celebrations such as Easter, together with its culinary traditions. According to its philosophy, DeGustibus doesn’t want to encourage a mass consume of these roots, but respectfully remind about their value for our culture in the place where it is still alive: a the farm of a shepherd.
For this reason, on the 28th March there will be a dinner at the farm of Giovannino Nieddu at San Casciano Val di Pesa. Giovannino produces excellent pecorino and on the same time he runs together with his wife on of the last farms which in terms of food are self-sufficient: they breed sheep, pigs and chicken, produce wine, olive-oil and vegetables from the garden. In fact for dinner we will eat food produced at the farm: meat of sheep and pork, pecorino, ricotta, salami, wild asparagus, artichokes, salads and cake, together with olive oil and wine.

Here is the program of the evening:

In the late afternoon (5:30 PM) we will start for a walk in the surroundings of the farm picking wild asparagus until sunset. At 7.30 PM we will eat an aperitif and can also visit the dairy of the farm and learn about how pecorino and ricotta are made. Afterwards we will sit down at the table and eat the products of the farm.

Here’s the menu:

antipasto with salami and pecorino;
pasta ricotta with tomatoes and artichokes with bacon;
Roasted meat of lamb, sheep and pork (for vegetarians upon request there will be offered an alternative);
Home-made cake and Vin Santo (traditional sweet wine of the Chianti);
water, red-wine and bread.

Contribution for expenses € 30 for adults

(€ 15,- for children under 12 years; children under 4 eat for free).
Reservation required. Who is not yet member of DeGustibus is requested to inform us at the moment of reservation. For info and reservations contact

Gilberto – 393 2355445 – gilberto@de-gustibus.it

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