who we are


We started De Gustibus Wine & Food Tours to promote and align traditional Tuscan wine and food from high quality, small, organic farms with tourism-services, sports activities and cultural events.

  • Wine & Food Tours in Tuscany by minivan

  • Vintage Sidecar Tours in Florence and Tuscany

  • Special Events related to Wine & Food Tuscan Culture and Tradition

Today we are an association of small farmers, tourism operators and consumers aiming to increase awareness about sustainable development, healthy diet and traditional agriculture as a cultural heritage. Anyone who shares our philosophy and would like to take advantage of our services is welcome to join our network!


We are Tommy (Travel agent and tour planner), Gilberto (tour organizer and driver) and Riccardo (sidecar tours planner and driver). We are all wine and food experts (and lovers!) and we are looking foward to share our knowledge and amazing region with you!

Brunello Wine Day at Podere Le Ripi with De Gustibus Wine and Food Tours


The De Gustibus Network periodically organizes experiences and events at our beloved farms, such as product tastings, meetings with producers, and workshops for learning about organic production processes, traditional recipes and and their place in history.

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