Wine and cheese, a love affair…

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Wine and cheese, a love affair…

Well, many know that in Italy wine always accompanies food. And what is the most traditional combination of the two elements in Tuscany (and not only!)?
The one between wine and cheese, obviously. Therefore we have dedicated a specific tour to these two “ingredients” that will take you first to visit a dairy farm and then a winery to discover all the secrets behind the production of these two wonders and to taste some delicious combinations
Below an introduction to the most popular cheese in Tuscany:

Tuscan Pecorino DOP: A Culinary Treasure

Tuscan Pecorino DOP, a delectable cheese with a rich history, stands as a testament to Italy’s culinary prowess. Protected by the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) designation, this cheese embodies the essence of Tuscan gastronomy. Crafted from sheep’s milk, it undergoes a meticulous aging process, resulting in a cheese with a distinct flavor profile. The production of Tuscan Pecorino DOP dates back centuries, deeply rooted in the region’s pastoral traditions. Local shepherds mastered the art of cheese-making, passing down techniques through generations. Today, this tradition lives on, with artisanal producers upholding stringent standards to maintain its DOP status.

Characterized by its firm texture and nutty undertones, Tuscan Pecorino DOP delights the palate with its robust flavor. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into various dishes, such as pasta, salads, or antipasti platters, its versatility knows no bounds.

Beyond its culinary appeal, Tuscan Pecorino DOP holds cultural significance, symbolizing the bond between tradition and innovation. From quaint countryside villages to bustling city markets, it remains a staple in Italian cuisine, cherished by locals and revered by connoisseurs worldwide.

In conclusion, Tuscan Pecorino DOP stands as a culinary treasure, reflecting the heritage, craftsmanship, and passion of the Tuscan people. Its journey from pasture to plate epitomizes the artistry of Italian cheese-making, inviting all who indulge to savor the flavors of Tuscany’s gastronomic legacy.

Pecorino Cheese and Natural Wine Tour

If you are a food connoisseur and gourmet of healthy food when you are in Florence do not miss these cheese and wine experience. Take advantage and visit with us and artisanal dairy and a small family owned natural wines winery in the Tuscan countryside.

During this experience, you can explore a cheese factory or shepherd and see how pecorino is produced, after the visit to the farm you can make a cheese tasting or for a delicious lunch based on fresh and seasoned cheeses.

Period: all year on request.
How many and where: from 2 to 8 people.
Meeting and departure point of all our tours: Piazza Torquato Tasso 13 red (in front of Culinaria Bistro).

Price full day (adults): 2 persons 249 € each; 3 persons 215 € each, 4 199 € each, 5 persons 179 € each, 6 persons 155 € each, 7 pax 150 € each, 8 persons 140 € each. (Lunch included)
NB: children aged 5 to 10 years 50% discount / Children 0-4 FREE.

What’s included: round-trip from Florence by car or comfortable Minivan + driver / guide + cheese tasting + Tuscan lunch + wine tasting.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the law in Italy does not allow the sale of alcohol to young people under 16 as children under this age will be served non-alcoholic beverages. Let us know in advance any special need or for people with reduced mobility and will do our best to accommodate you.

For any further request, please contact:
Tommaso: (tour planner) +39 340 5796207 – Mail:

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